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Patin's Duck

Maxine Short (Captain)

Butch Short

Perry Comeaux

Goldie Comeaux

Friday Afternoon Departures

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Hood Rats

Dwayne Broussard

Gaynel Broussard

Randy Bouillion

Tani Rawlings

Caspr & the Spook's

Dale Meche (Captain)

Shane Landry

Angel Landry

Fucowee Tribe

Steve Comeaux (Captain)

Stephanie Comeaux​

Ed Oubre

Debbie Oubre

RHR Members, Associate Members and Candidates organize as "Teams" to develop plans for Club Runs and Road Trips for the next years Club Rides.

Each team will decide on a team name and a team captain. The "Team Captain" will lead his/her team and represent them on the "RHR Planning Committee".

The various trip plans will be distributed to all club members to review and then a vote will be called for at the next Club Meeting. Using the votes the Planning Committee will score each plan. The scores will be a factor but not the only reason for selecting which trips will be used. At the Annual Planning Meeting the club members will select from all the plans to develop the Club Calendar. 

Sleazy Riders

Johnny Williams (Captain)

Patrice Williams​

Russ Louviere

Elaine Melancon

Let's Go Brandon

John Forster (Captain)

Kim Forster

Tim Borel

Roni Borel

​Rode Hard Riders, Inc.​​​

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