​San Miguel Rd Trip , Zwolle, LA (Fucowee Tribe)

Event Runs

Sleazy Riders

Russ Louviere (Captain)

Elaine Melancon

Tim Borel

Roni Borel

RHR Members, Associate Members and Candidates organize as "Teams" to develop plans for Club Runs and Road Trips for the next years Club Rides.

Each team will decide on a team name and a team captain. The "Team Captain" will lead his/her team and represent them on the "RHR Planning Committee".

​LA-1 Run, (Fucowee Tribe)​

Patin's Duck

Maxine Short (Captain)

Butch Short

Perry Comeaux

Goldie Comeaux

Hood Rats

Dwayne Broussard

Gaynel Broussard

Randy Bouillion

Tani Rawlings

Caspr & the Spook's

Dale Meche (Captain)

Linnella Garrett

Angel Landry

Johnny Williams

Fucowee Tribe

Steve Comeaux (Captain)

Stephanie Comeaux​

Ed Oubre

Debbie Oubre

​Driskill Mountain Rd Trip, Bienville, LA (Fucowee Tribe)

RHR Cook-out Day Runs

Event Ideas Submission Form

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​Steve Comeaux

​First Vice President

Chicot Party Run (Caspr' & the Spooks)

Ville Platte, LA

Lake End Party Run (Fucowee Tribe)

Morgan City, LA

Palmetto Party Run (Patin's Duck)

​Abbeville, LA

RHR Local Wknd Events

Natchez Trace Rd Trip, (Fucowee Tribe)​

Overnite Road Trips

Activity Runs

Day Runs

​Rode Hard Riders, Inc.​​​

February's Event

Day Runs Selected for 2025

West Zone:

Regatta Seafood & Steakhouse

508 Hawkeye Ave

​Lake Arthur, LA 70549

Northwest Zone:


North Zone:


East Zone:


Southeast Zone:


3 - Day Road Trip

Fausse Pointe Wknd (Fucowee Tribe)

​Fausse Pointe State Park